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  1. Andhra ki Jagga effect 70% and Modi effect 30% ani naa estimate. Inko one year lo RBI numbers vachaka we will know the true extent of value destruction in Andhra.
  2. CBN needs a trusted and cunning leftenant. Lokesh seems not to have the killer instinct for the kind of aggressive & cunning politics needed at this hour. I am not sure who is doing the back-end strategies. But in the last 5 years, TDP has been very weak in the dept.
  3. Not only in Gojis, but even in TDP strong holds like Penamaluru, JSP bokka pettindhi. In my opinion, cops lo YCP ki next time vote vesavallu ekkuva undaru. To consolidate those votes, kalisi poti cheyyadame better. SC's lo split ranantha varaku, there is no other option.
  4. Ledhule, no one expected it to move. And Jagan had not much political baggage before elections. Thats why okka chance worked.
  5. Don't discourage people. Let them fight it out. This is the first time in years, people are fighting for a bigger cause. Lets support them without doubts.
  6. TFI ni ibbandhi pettandi. Don't watch Telugu movies in theaters till this is over.
  7. Undavallu lantollu dhemi meeda ayina vyangam tho thelika bhavam create chestaru. Polavararm ki diaphram wall underground lo construction jaruguthuntey, nothing is there ani cheppadu. Better not talk about such YSR chamchas.
  8. Vaadu temporary buildings lo administration petti adhe capital ante, aha oho ani vallu unnaru. 5 years inka emi cheyyaka poyina they are happies. The same people will say nothing was done in Amaravathi. Dheeni lo mana thappu kooda undhi. Antha elevation ichesariki, AMVT meedha expectation bhaga perigi poyindhi. Anything below that, we get a bad name.
  9. TBH, repeatedly publicizing deadlines for all major projects by CBN & Uma ki basis naaku ippatiki artham kaledhu. Knowing that all big projects get delayed for numerous reasons, adhi over confidence/amayaktvam/poor marketing strategy? Mana db lo kooda intention ni execution complete ayipontlu gane project chesevaru. AJ vadu kooda same projection. Mana maya lo maname padipoyam.
  10. Ee TDP/CBN army watermarks thiyyanantha varaku ilanti videos tho use ledu. TDP supporters mathrame share chesukoni choosukunta vuntaru. Dhinne English lo "preaching to the choir" antaru. Before elections I saw how neutrals got converted to YCP side. All the videos my friends (not into politics) got in Whatsapp looked like made & released by their friends trolling TDP. No where YCP logo was there. And their opinion on CBN & TDP reduced gradually. Thats how IPAC worked. Subtle marketing, not overt marketing.
  11. Not just in Krishan/Guntur, but anywhere, people generally won't accept that they made a mistake. They shift the blame to someone else. You can notice that people who voted to Jagan say that they got misguided and project themselves as victims.
  12. I say, don't even think about them. Mana self satisfaction tappa deniki paniki rani topic. Focus on winning next elections at any cost.
  13. Another thing is KG people should ask for railway zone to be headquartered in Vijayawada, now that Vizag is capital. From now on fight for every industry and educational institute coming to the state. Raise it through neutral voices. We should make the people of KG feel the emotional pain. Multiple voices can fight for multiple things. Please remember this! In our parents' generation many farmers (thinking they got enough land) didn't go for jobs despite being educated & eligible. Those who went for jobs finally ended being richer than those who remained back in their villages. Similarly, if we don't fight for our rights thinking KG people got enough, KG belt will end up poor in a few decades compared to rest of state.
  14. Whatever! Because KG belt got capital, industries and educational institutes went to other parts. Now KG belt lost the capital too. Pathetic thing is the only major industrial plant in the entire KG belt is VTPS. Pretty much every district now got an industrial plant on par or bigger than this and districts like Chitthor, Nellor, Vizag, EG got much bigger companies. Don't say agri is good in KG belt. EG and WG got better agri than KG belt. Raise awareness on the loss of industries in the KG belt and start asking for more industries to KG belt at state level. Start demanding immediate construction of Bandar port due to loss of capital. People will connect emotionally. At gully level (not in TV debates), tell people (daily labor) that the loss of capital led to loss of works to daily labor. Don't act arrogant, but act as victim.
  15. But that temp branding boomeranged spectacularly. By setting such lofty expectations, CBN is putting TDP in corner.
  16. I meant more about capital. With the envisioned scope, it can be only executed in 20-30 years time frame or even longer. Had he thought only about 2-3 years timeline to build a capital, he could have executed it small, and say "we did it". We wouldn't have a nice capital with that approach, but no uncertainty. Even Polavaram is a 10+ year project. He shouldn't have invested his branding and party's future on completion of such large scale projects. There is a disconnect between what people want and what they need for long term prosperity. As long as they don't recognize that, we only have 5 year window to convince them.
  17. Dear CBN, If it all you are elected next time, please don't burn midnight oil on 20 year vision plans. Plan what you can achieve in 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years. Then only focus on doing the first 2 parts. Spend the rest of time relaxing and strengthening the party. Please keep in mind that not everyone is development oriented.
  18. I'd like to get some feedback from db people living in KG districts on capital change. 1) Are non K's in these two districts OK with this? 2) How many of you/your friends & family invested in AMVT after capital announcement? I resisted myself and invested in USA stock market. Some of my relatives went in with a lot of money. With the introduction of GST and now capital change, it looks like I escaped. But talking to some guntur folks living nearby, they are staring at major losses.
  19. That is not a bad idea to implement. With Trump restrictions, what I noticed was that people were moving from body-shop companies to full time regular positions in companies. People who move into such positions are getting 3 year extensions so they having a little bit more stability. But you are right on the point of arbitrary denials of H1 extensions. Its bad for everyone involved.
  20. It is easier for kids who came for MS and just graduated to go else where & settle like in UK or Canada or Europe. But for people waiting in the line for more than 10 years, its not that easy to look at a different country. They should reduce the number of new H1B's issued, so the queue won't become bigger. Already 800K Indians are in the GC queue. And no one is going to increase the yearly GC limit because of wide spread opposition among Americans. So in a sense I am supporting Trump's executive decision of making it tougher for Indian WITCH companies to get H1B visas. I have seen many recent graduates completely given up hope on GC and mentally prepared to leave at any time. But for those who came around 2010 or filed for GC after 2009, its a never ending wait without being able to take concrete decision.
  21. Ivanni jarigevi kadhule gani, take it easy guys. Vizag ki industries unna, politically powerful city kadhu. And I don't think it will become in the future. Scope only Vijayawada/AMVT ki mathrame undhi. Caste feeling tho aaputhunnaru. But they can't stop it forever.
  22. IMO, JC has better understanding of ground reality. And his thought process is better suited to take an opponent like Jagan head-on.
  23. That is not feasible since they are out of power and out of TDP for many many years. There are no monetary ties that ultimately bind other MLAS to any power center. TBH, one of the reasons we lost was because we made so many opponents and became isolated. Its better to bring more to our side.
  24. There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. We need a bigger tent and if true should welcome this. Creating an alternative power center to CBN at this time is not feasible, so no need to worry on that aspect.