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  1. There have been countless studies which proved that people who were very strong in their mother tongue (writing + speaking) typically had higher IQ. These days even in many so called posh English medium schools, most of the students who don't learn Telugu at all (3rd language) learn neither English nor Telugu very well. My wife is one of them. I saw many such people and their ability to articulate is very limited because of their limited vocabulary in both the languages. Even though I studied in English medium, my training in Telugu was very rigorous. With English being an alien language to most of the populace including teachers, instead of getting trained in bad English (which is very hard to get rid of later), I think it would be better to use Telugu as primary language and switch to English gradually at higher classes. These days kids in USA can write better Telugu than some of the Telugu people from Hyderabad.
  2. Nenu koddiga conspiracy angle lo alochisthunna. Kanche Ilaiyah last year said that all education should be in English, so that Hinduism could be suppressed and Christianity could be spread faster in India. Few weeks ago, he wrote an editorial in Sakshi supporting conversions. And now this rule. Any connection? Jagan and Trump bark on one thing or raise a irrelevant issue to fore to divert attention. But behind the scenes, silently, they do other things that they want without public attention.
  3. Jaggu ennallu assembly ki vachadu. Aa tag unte emiti, udithe enti?
  4. That's not a bad rate for that time. Indian mobile plans are nearly the cheapest in the world. But the costs for telcos are mostly in dollars. This will not be sustainable in the long run. Just like the low airline ticket prices in India, which result in huge losses and companies get shut down regularly.
  5. Thanks. But I don't trust homeo and neither should you.
  6. My daughter is going to India in a few days with her grand-ma. I am now feeling a bit worried with all the news on dengue. Is it going to subside after the monsoon rains stop?
  7. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/10/indian-nuclear-power-company-confirms-north-korean-malware-attack/ Ee BJP budabukkalolla kinda technology/subject vunna vallevaru pani cheyyaleru. Is this the result of that? Can anyone shed light on this?
  8. Good point. If asked, 99% percent won't admit that they made mistake. They try to justify. They have to feel the effects, then only realization may dawn on them slowly.
  9. VIJAYAWADA pax in Sept 73,896 (2019) 91,697 (2018)
  10. Construction and car buying aapithe chalu. Knowing my family and friends, this is not feasible. But in desperation, I was suggesting this strategy few months back, but Jagga is doing it on his own without our help
  11. Ruthless politics age lo we have to be prepared for worst. Ivanni kashtam, jaragavu le anukunevallu, see the actions of KCR and Shah. One by one, they brought media and money bags under their full control. Jagan will follow their strategy. If he can be successful or not anedhi different matter.
  12. CBN has energy to lead the party till the next elections. For TDP's sake, he should also focus on grooming at least 3-4 youngsters as possible successors.
  13. IMO, better close shop in TS. The power vacuum from 2004-2024 for TDP in TS is too long to revive the party there. Any focus on TS would be a pure distraction from now on. Better focus on grooming tier-2 youth leaders in AP for 2024 elections. I used to think that Congress was old people's party and TDP was young people's party back in 90's and 00's. Now the roles are reversed. We need young blood with charisma & killer instinct.
  14. Naako chinna doubt. Next elections lo aa ammayi family ayina manaki vote vesthundha? Ledha kaja raja antara? AP janala meedha full doubt vachesindhi naku.
  15. Idedho AMTZ lo pettisthe poyedhi. AMTZ ki boost vachedhi.
  16. I hated the word Bhramaravati. Akkada inthaku mundu Amaresvaruni temple ki badhulu Bhramaramba temple emanna kanipinchidemo YCP vallaki? Meeru "From Bhramaravati ..." anatam em baga ledu.