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  1. BJP vishayama lo, looking back, CBN dhi 50+% mistake ani anipisthundhi. Annitlo vipareetham ga expectations penchi, AJ lo prathi daniki panduga vartha, teephi kaburu ani raayinchi, chivariki BJP ni buchi ga choopinchi tappu chesaru. It also gave Jagan an opening to cross-attack. CBN govt. executed well in the last 5 years. But his messaging, managing the expectations, and media management were very bad in the last 5 years. Hope he learns from his mistakes.
  2. Vancouver, Canada is implementing non-residency tax to prevent the same situation due to Chinese buying up all the properties. Foreigner who buys property in Vancouver has to pay extra tax yearly on top of regular property taxes. This is a good idea to demotivate buying property as a means of wealth storage without staying in the property.
  3. Even without IT, people would have migrated. Time and again, using KG belts are rich due to agriculture as excuse, industries were never promoted in the region. Most of my uncles migrated to HYD in 90s and started small scale industries. Even now, most of cousins in HYD work in non-IT jobs. Under current circumstances, those guys are never going to come back or coming only to retire. Earlier when AP was combined, it was not an issue. But with the state bifurcation, we need a strong city, be it Vijayawada or Vizag, than can enable inward migration. The region also need to move up the value chain, whatever the sector. The region has coast, abundant water facilities, and talented human resources. For many decades, it has been primed for explosive growth, but lacking industries that can act as catalyst. So its limping along. I was hoping things like capital and Bandar port would have enabled that, but now things are back to square one.
  4. True. Not only that, Krishna and Godavari belts lost their cultural, economic, and intellectual superiority to Hyderabad in between 90-00s (because of job/business related migration), making TG better than Andhra in all aspects. From 00's onward, Bangalore and USA become another destinations for educated AP people. AP is mostly hollowed out. I am already seeing people in USA, who grew up in HYD, but whose parents were from KG belts, have little affinity towards AP. Unless either of Vizag or Vijayawada rises up to compete with HYD/BAN, in ten years, AP will become permanently backward (compared to rest of South) and TG will take the mantle of cultural/economic/educational beacon for Telugu people for the entire next century. I personally believe Vijayawada and GUNTUR combined have better chance of competing with HYD & BAN than Vizag. And Amaravati could have aided in that aspect.
  5. No legal issues, but ours is the last generation to look after it. I knew a retired person in Canada who was desperately trying to dispose all of his lands in Guntur few years ago and take the money back to Canada. His kids had minimal exposure to India. His situation will repeat on a major scale in a decade or two.
  6. Hereditary land pakkana kalisipothundhi ani konnam. But US stock market growth tho compare chesthe waste. Bavamaradhi daily a look vesthunnadu ani dheema.
  7. I am happy, I didn't invest a single penny in the last 8 years in India, but only in USA. I regret my decision to buy land 9 years ago in India. Looked good then, but became a bad illiquid investment now. Jagga and Modi successfully doing their jobs in scaring away NRAs and NRIs.
  8. MNCs can't bribe easily anymore anywhere in the world. USA and Europe have become very strict. Recently US and Europe imposed $3.6 billion on airbus for bribes. https://www.ft.com/content/f7a01a60-442b-11ea-abea-0c7a29cd66fe For the same reason, Volkswagen didn't invest in AP. If they move, Kia can write off any losses and get their taxes reduced. That would be a better alternative than paying bribes to Jagga and then get penalized with large fines in USA.
  9. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/amaravati/andhra-pradesh-seeks-rs-47000-crore-from-centre-for-capital-city/articleshow/73787702.cms
  10. Andhra ki Jagga effect 70% and Modi effect 30% ani naa estimate. Inko one year lo RBI numbers vachaka we will know the true extent of value destruction in Andhra.
  11. Idedho AMTZ lo pettisthe poyedhi. AMTZ ki boost vachedhi.