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  1. seemovie

    Thupuk courts

    @dhanyarajendran 2h2 hours ago More Over 2,100 cases and 650 arrests in TN for bursting crackers outside fixed time. @meghakaveri called district police officers to get these numbers.
  2. shows the sad state of affairs in TDP even though they are in power. Sakshi is writing so many crude headlines about Srikakulam cyclone. They did the same with special status, making headlines of the words CBN never said. No strategy to counter them in 4 years. TDP has no control over popular TV Media. Print media - somewhat ok. Utter failure in Social media. Even a newbie like JS gets hold of couple of channels, newspaper and a huge SM setup.
  3. seemovie

    Irrigation works @ AndhraPradesh

    The second line should be Velugodu Reservoir. Where is this document from?
  4. seemovie

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Hope Changan works out next!! This news was from 2016 China’s Changan Automobile Company is planning to set up its first India factory, with a capacity to manufacture 200,000 vehicles a year. The company recently visited Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and, according to sources, is looking for a local partner. Changan Automobile Company, China’s oldest automobile manufacturer, is headquartered in Chongqing. The company is a state-owned enterprise, which manufactures cars ranging from entry-level hatchbacks to sedans to sport utility vehicles to vans to pick-up trucks. It also has a range of electric and hybrid vehicles. It has six manufacturing bases in China and four research and development centres at Turin in Italy, Yokohama in Japan, Nottingham in England and Detroit in US.
  5. seemovie

    AP govt Brahmin welfare schemes

    ex-CS IYR Krishna Rao and ex-DGP Aravind Rao are slogging for the community instead of resting after retirement. They are going to every district to educate on schemes and empower. They are full praise for the initiative of CBN and I believe they are doing yeoman service to the community. Check their website,FB page and news clippings. Corporation helps in identifying the needy and listening to their grievances. They also act as a bridge between government and the community for easier resolution of issues. Surprising that people of same community complain. CBN also mentioned that he will extend some of the schemes to all EBCs. Initiative has to start somewhere. It started with Brahmin and Kapu. If the model is successful, it would be extended. Moreover these promises were made by TDP in the manifesto.