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  1. Antha sollu matladaka how can he lick Modi’s leg again 🤣 nalla chokka kuda vesadu kada
  2. Nenu AIIMS Gurunchi adugutunna developed by central funds
  3. Who is modi i am proud father of lokesh grand father of devansh husband of bhuvaneshwari ani andi cbn ee ga
  4. Enduku central funds tho katte 1000 bed hospital AIIMS(India lone prestigious institute) kurnool ki vasthe Dani mangalagiri ki enduku maarcharu adi kurnool lo undi unte medical facilities leni Seema ki advantage
  5. Vizag is part of Andhra or not just for consideration
  6. Been many days seen him on screen missing very badly to see him back
  7. Hi Sumanth brother, nenu kudaa Basis ee im working with Mercurius Info Tech, Pune looo

    Nice to meet u here

    My mail ID kodanda.chow@gmail.com & kodanda.sap@gmail.com