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Balayya Kodad records


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Samara Simha reddy ----------  Swathi(100 days+)

Narasimha Naidu --------------------Swathi(102 days)

Sultan ------------------------------------Swathi (50 days)

Bhalevaadivi Baasu -------------SWATHI (33 days) Shift to Shakuntala(21 days)

Seema Simham----------------------RANGA (50 days)

Chenna Keshava Reddy--------Shakuntala (50 days)

Lorry Driver-----------------------------Shakuntala (50 days)

Laxmi Narasimha----------------------Ranga (75+ days)

Top hero --------------------------------Shakuntala (50 days)

Goppinti Alludu--------------------Venkateswara (50 days)

Simha ----------------------------- Srinivasa (50 days+)

Legend ---------------------------- Ranga (50 days+)



Emana updates cheyalsi vasthe cheppandi chestha....


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