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Patrons of Nandamuri actors &TDP make sure your actors are not looted


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Dear patrons of Nandamuri family and TDP make sure your actors win. Please help in stopping any kind of digital loot of the ASVR movie.

Request get the scoundrels that post the movie digitally to law (If necessary we got to physically kick their asses and start the action).

Found every year that some elements in our neighbor (Tamilnadu) are involved. No way are we going to allow these set of goons to spoil our movies.

Annas TDP party is symbiotic of Anna NTR. TDP please concentrate on stopping for about a month after a movie release, after which you will find many NTR fans of voting for the party.

Note only Anna and Jr NTR fans, and other nandamuri  actors will vote without any strings attached while others will come and go.

It is because of our non-unity a non-performer like p---b-s was elevated in b-----b---i by jakkana

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