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ATTENTION! Info Regarding STEM OPT Regulation


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Dear International students on OPT,


There are ongoing discussions about the future of STEM OPT extension. For those students currently on or eligible to apply for STEM OPT extension, this information will be important to you. You also may have heard that new STEM rule is being reviewed. The new rule is not finalized. OISS will send information when the new rule is finalized


The current STEM OPT rule will expire February 12, 2016. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has requested that date to be extended until May 2016.  The judge will have to decide to grant DHS the extension until May 2016 or not. Once the decision is made, OSS will communicate the results.


For those eligible to apply for STEM OPT may do so, but OSS does not have guidance from DHS. This guidance will not come until after the judge makes the decision.


We expect further guidance on all issues from DHS soon. OSS does not have any answers yet on what will happen to those currently on STEM OPT, those with pending STEM OPT, or those who are eligible to apply for STEM OPT after February 12.


Please note the following criteria to apply for STEM OPT extension:


1.     Work for E-Verify employer

2.     Received a degree in STEM field as defined by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

3.     Currently on OPT and apply for extension in timely manner

4.     Follow other requirements and procedures in the STEM OPT Extension packet located on the OISS website.


As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact OSS.

Office for International Students & Scholars Michigan State University 
International Center
427 N. Shaw Lane, Room 105


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