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  1. My #twitter age is 256 days 2 hours 53 minutes 38 seconds. Find out yours at http://twitter.seocoder.org/ #twittertime

  2. Hello Sir, I am your Fan

  3. Never compare yourself with others ,,, :)

  4. Never compare urself with any1......

    1. gangadhar_vlgr


      if u r harish just leave me a message

  5. today my 5,000 post...

  6. March 14th oo 15th oo my 4,000 post,,,

  7. srk baa.. shakti vundiga...

  8. today my 3,000 post

  9. Never compare urself with any1......

  10. today my 2,000 post

  11. Naaku overall ga Adurs movie OK mama..First half good..second half not entertaining..But Jr. was very handsome in this movie..

    As director krishnavamsi once said, Tarak ne direct chese satta naaku ledu, he is very talented ani..Sariyaina story..saraina director chetilo padali mama mana buddodu..choodam aa roju eppudu vasthundo..

  12. Guntupalli mama..nee tension thaggipoyinda..Adurs choosava..Ninna nenu Novi, MI lo Mulpuri mama tho kalisi choosa..

  13. Mama..I want to add you to my friends list//How could I do that?

  14. today is my 1000 post

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