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  1. good rain today in MH krishna catchment. hope will continue for a few days more..
  2. any more hopes for krishna in W ghats for this year?
  3. heavy cyclones valla cheruvu kattalu thegatam thappite upayogam emi undadhu.we need widespread sustained rain for a couple of days.
  4. nenu partime raithu. manchi varsham ante bhoomi padhunu aiye varsham undaali. adhi ayite ledhu ippativaraku. weather maps rain gauges ikkada useless.
  5. it rained in ongole from 1.30 to 2.00. but not in the range of 30 to 50mm. maybe 10 to 20 mm.
  6. seems NTV has an axe to grind with transtroy!!!
  7. good rains in seema nellore and prakasam. no news in telugu media.
  8. good. what happened to Back to Back low pressure ?
  9. prakasam barrage nunchi prakasam jilla ki water enti bro?
  10. during WW2 troop movement used to happen in BC. my grandfather told me he used to buy mosquito nets and other army issued items from the troops.
  11. ongole lo slight rain but core says 51 mm. cant believe.
  12. ongole is back to being dry again after some drizzles.
  13. jai telangana ante gunthalu poodi pothai
  14. by the way how are hyderbad roads?chinna dora em chepthunnaadu.
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