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  1. No matter how many coins you toss into the fountain, or how many fingers you cross, if it's not meant to be, then it won't happen. :)

    1. aswan


      agreed...but effort is indeed necessary...If its not meant to be...then i won't pass ani exam ki chadavakunda vellalemu kada... :)


  2. Ma Nayakudu Zindhabadh Adhinayakudu Zindhabadh \m/

  3. “Exciting offer for 3 lucky fans to win 2 tickets each in Hyderabad!!! Simply post on why you want to watch Adhinayakudu! The best 3 responses will bag the tickets...... ARE YOU THE BIG FAN??? Post your comments on Adhinayakudu Official Facebook page - https://www.facebook...ayakuduTheMovie

    1. Manoj_Jashti
    2. Gunner


      Jai Balayya Jai Jai Balayya


      Jai Balayya Jai Jai Balayya


      Jai Balayya Jai Jai Balayya


      Jai Balayya Jai Jai Balayya


    3. teja g

      teja g

      three reasons enti okate reason ......balayyaaa....

  4. When things in life don't add up... then maybe its time to start subtracting these things from life.. :)

  5. I live for two reasons. (1) I was born. (2) I haven't died yet.

    1. Rocking


      One more reason "Coz I let u".... ;)

    2. Rocking


      Movie lo unte baa vuntundhi kadha :)

  6. Jeevithamlo oka vishayam gurthupettuko... "Bus stand bus tho paatu vellaledu kaani... Cycle stand cycle tho paatu vellagaladu." :P:) good morning.

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