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  1. Office is boring from past two weeks

  2. Happy Birthday annai

  3. boring first day in office but scared abt day 2

    1. Sravanlokesh


      hey congrats annaya

  4. kotha life starting from tomorrow

  5. Ramke is wrong ...For your kind info there is no block buster for nag yet

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    2. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      nag block busters, iddaru iddare, eduruleni manishi, bavochedu,premayuddam, chaitanya etc inka oka 30 vuntaayi

    3. vadlamudi sp

      vadlamudi sp

      vizag nt vodu correst ga cheppadu

    4. K D No.1

      K D No.1



      lamke blockbuster meaning telsaaa


  6. despite this win india is going to loose 1 rating point

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