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  1. Shamshabad la slow decision kakunda fast ga bids invite chesi kadithe poddi...and air traffic kuda main.. hyderabad air traffic perige time lo vacchindi samshabad.. vijayawada ki inka antha ledu ane anukuntunna
  2. SRISAILAM--- 08-08-2016 10:00 PM----Instant Inflow in Cusecs 1,75,424 ---Storage in T.M.C. 107.45
  3. http://www.core.ap.gov.in/CMDashBoard/UserInterface/Irrigation/IrrigationCommonReport.aspx
  4. Office is boring from past two weeks

  5. Happy Birthday annai

  6. boring first day in office but scared abt day 2

    1. Sravanlokesh


      hey congrats annaya

  7. kotha life starting from tomorrow

  8. Ramke is wrong ...For your kind info there is no block buster for nag yet

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    2. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      nag block busters, iddaru iddare, eduruleni manishi, bavochedu,premayuddam, chaitanya etc inka oka 30 vuntaayi

    3. vadlamudi sp

      vadlamudi sp

      vizag nt vodu correst ga cheppadu

    4. K D No.1

      K D No.1



      lamke blockbuster meaning telsaaa


  9. despite this win india is going to loose 1 rating point

  10. brother add JAYASUDHA to the list ..close encounter with suzy in tv9 lo ninna chusa ee generation lo meeku nacchina actor evaru ani 4 options iccharu mahesh BABU,RAM CHARAN,ALLU ARJUN AND JR NTR she said JR NTR without any hesitation..
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