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  1. because TTD is the biggest temple in this country that is held by a government. Kaliyuga daivam kabatti andhariki first akkade untundhi concern. meeru cheppedhi matram too much undhi asalu.. ippatiki edo tdp meedha kutra chestunnaru.. TTD ni TDP chetullo nunchi bjp vallu lageskuntaru central govt lo.. adi idi ani.. ee bhrama lu pakkana betti reality chudandi.. asalu ye govt aina hindu temples meedha pettanam enduku cheyyali.. hindus emi chetakaani vallu kaadhu.... all temples must be freed of bloody govt control and nepotism.

    People elect government based on their trust... It should be in govts hand, evarikanna isthey vallu cheyaru ani guarantee yenti?? Bcci emaindi? Andaru dobbi tintunnaru vachina money ni...

  2. bro ee roju govt chethilo TTD divyam ga veligipothondhi... no doubt abt that.. annagari time lo ne start ayindhi.. TTD prabhanjanam... bakthi lo aina social contribution lo aina... but last 10 years sangathi chudandi.. how congress govt has looted temple, its lands, money what not.... what if tomorrow after 10 or 15 yrs jagan or some other idiot comes to govt.. do u still think TTD will be able to do their job as they are doing today ??

    What if Modi loots it, or trust loots it?? Foolish argument... Nee argument prakaram, desam trust chetiki ivvali.... Better icheyandi...

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