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TRS Hiring Crowds4 KCR Meetings!

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When the Telangana movement was at peak between 2010 and 2013 or for that matter before 2004, people used to come in tens of thousands to the public meetings of Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhar Rao.

Such was the power in his speeches that the TRS leaders did not have to struggle to bring crowds, as the people used to come on their own to listen to his rabble rousing speeches.

But, those days are gone. The TRS has come to power in Telangana and KCR is now the chief minister.

Though there is still punch in his speeches, it is mostly directed to attacking the Congress leaders and other opposition parties.

The people are able to find the difference in the tone and tenor of KCR’s speeches before and after coming to power. They are able to see through the designs of the TRS.

As a result, the people have stopped going to his meetings voluntarily. For them, he is like any other public leader. As a result, they are demanding money, if the TRS leaders want them to come to the meetings.

The local TRS leaders are forced to spend lakhs and lakhs of rupees to bring crowds. At the Warangal meeting of KCR held in April, the crowds were very thin, as the TRS leaders thought people would come on their own, but they didn’t.

So, for the Sriramsagar project meeting held at Pochampad a couple of days ago, the TRS leaders had to struggle a lot to mobilise crowds.

All the district RTC depots were forced to cancel the regular buses and divert them to the public meeting, causing a lot of inconvenience to regular passengers.

The TRS leaders deliberately blocked the roads to create the impression that all roads were blocked with crowds who were coming to the meeting voluntarily.

But fact is fact. Irrespective of spending crores of rupees, the TRS government is not able to impress the common man!

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