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CBN sketch for TDP revival in TG

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Manaki enduku andi TG. Why unecessary ? Malli akada BJP ki lift ivali which will not be really welcomed by RR and infact BRS will again say Guru sishya Sketching .... andhra vallu etc. 10 Years we arent there. Its better we forget TG in the better interest of AP

AP = TS cheydaniki manaki chala pani undi. 


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Definite ga manchi sketch tho work cheyyali... Next elections lopu better position lo vundali, mana votes ee gottam Batch ki ivvatam kanna poti chesi vodipoyina baguntadi... 

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2 minutes ago, Eswar09 said:

@baggie bro ee channel asala chodaku ee channel vedios..5 mnts oka vedio.. bahubali ellivations untay..😎

itanu cheppe danlo kuda manchi points untai....atanu cheppindi naa mind lo undi exact ga match ayyayi anduke posted :P

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