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  1. My Life is ruling by me so i can't i be ruler for kingdom :D

  2. Going to Watch känchänä

  3. xxxxx jevitham Sunday putta colg pettadu ma ⚒ MITS KODAD ⚒ colg vaddu enduko emmo nakaythe arddam kavatle

  4. i'd like to rock the world but world is small in map and glob but it is to large in physical...

  5. ప్రేమని ఇష్టాన్ని చంపుకోవాచు కానీ అభిమానాని చంపుకోల్లెం....జై బాలయ్య జై జై బాలయ్య

  6. Congratulations to Zaheer Khan on being selected for the coveted Arjuna Award this year

  7. ☺Good 9T Pals ☺........ ☻Have A Nice Sleep ☻.....• Honey Dreams •

  8. నేను మీకు తెలుసా

  9. సై అంటే శరభ శరభ....జై అంటే ఆయుష్మాన్భవ....కాదని ముందుకొస్తే హర హర మహదేవ.......

  10. I'll Trust in dreams but i'll not be in dreams.......

  11. న జన్మ భూమిన జన్మ భూమి.....ఎంత అందమైన దేశము న ఇల్లు ఇందులో కమ్మని ప్రేదేశము న సమ్మి రంగ హి హి న సామీ రంగ

  12. BinDaAs AtTiTuDe "I m Not F a i l e d, ... My "SUCCESS" Is Just P o s t p o n e d ..." :P:D

  13. Every one is not an intelligent but try to be an intelligent when ur speeking towords others......

  14. Good Morning Folks.............k....bye friends i'm gng 2 sleep so good 9t.....sd HFKS

  15. new exm patren INDIA in20151)OC STUDENT:ans ALL qn2)BC :Ans ANY 75% qn3)SC:ONLY READ qn4)ST:thax 4 coming 2 exm halKeep posting on your wall to stop RESERVATIONshare it on u r posts plzzzzzzzzz

  16. USEFUL INFO:Supreme Court has announced, any person who meets road accidentscan be taken to nearby hospital immediately. Hospital must not ask for police report to admit him,its doctors' duty to do First-aid. Police can be informed later. Pls spread this message by sharing on your wall .. It will help us..

  17. Good 9T frndzzzzz...........Sweet dreams..........

  18. Castelu Mathalu Vadduantune GRADELATHO vidadisthunatavu oo ela o ela ela ela...

  19. ♥ Tholi ekadashi shubakankshallu ♥

    1. Sravanlokesh
    2. OnlyNfan


      eppudu start ee roja

  20. GOOD 9T Friendzzzzzzzzz.....Have asweet dreamzzzzzz

  21. Happy B'day to Natasimham Balayya Babu.......

  22. SKYPE Fullname:Kondapavuluru.Ramakrishna CATCH ME ON SKYPE friends

  23. I had recognised that Orkut smiles r different frm Facebook :D

  24. Good anoon Frndzzzz

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