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  1. A strong desire makes you to win!

  2. A true will not a live,but a lie will be a live..

  3. 'Sontha oori janam 'chi' gotte vamsam needi…raashtram motham neeraajanaalu palikina vamsan maadi….already 14 pallu raalagottaa…migilina 18 koodaa raalagotta mantaavaa?'

  4. MUMBAI me "BAI" hi so it s ruling by Bhai's :P

  5. Manchu Manoj tweets:Adhinayakudu 1st day 1st show with all my friends in a local theatre :)) can't wait to see the old getup :))

  6. yedo oka party pettesi, yedo oka party o kalipese Rakam kaadura nenu....Janam gundelllo chirasthayiiiii gaa megile raakam....Adinayakudu dailogue..

  7. Yedho Oka Party Pettesi.. Yedho Oka Party lo kalipese Rakam kaadura nenu....Janam Gundelllo chirasthayiiiii gaa Migile Rakam !!! Jai Balayyaaaaa

  8. Hamayya Na chetulaki Dhummu antakundha del chesaruga Group nunchi :P

  9. He is gonna be a Mega star,He is gonna be Giga star yuga yuga YUGA STAR...Mundhi Mega Star avvu TArvatha "YUGA STAR" AVUDHUVU :P

  10. comrade Santosh Ramana Kumar Joga :P calling

  11. నా జన్మ భూమి ...నా జన్మ భూమి ఎంత అందమైన దేశము నా ఇల్లు అందు కమ్మని ప్రదేశము నా సామిరంగా హాయ్ హాయ్ నా సామిరంగా

  12. ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓«Happy Rakshabandhan»▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

  13. ♫☼ Good Morning Friends ☼♫

  14. what is INDIA?A nation where PIZZA reaches home faster than AMBULANCE & POLICE...Where u get CAR LOAN @8% but EDUCATION LOAN @12%.Where 1 kg ONION is Rs.24 but SIM CARD free.Olympic shooter wins GOLD ,govt gives 3 crore. another shooter dies fighting with TERRORIST. GOVT pays 1 lakh.really, incredible INDIA. re-post this till it reach PM, if ur an Indian...-by an INDIAN...!!

  15. ♫ Every one is interested in speeches but not in speaking ♫

  16. నేను మంచోదిని కాను అలగని చేదోదిని కాను

  17. Favicon file?do u know about that?

  18. The CRT program is succesfuly conducted by our ⚒ MITS KODAD ⚒ Chairman,principal and respective college members with few mistakes......the program is rockeddd any way

  19. Bubye Morzilla Firefox.......

  20. My Life is ruling by me so i can't i be ruler for kingdom :D

  21. Going to Watch känchänä

  22. xxxxx jevitham Sunday putta colg pettadu ma ⚒ MITS KODAD ⚒ colg vaddu enduko emmo nakaythe arddam kavatle

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