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  1. xmen first class movie chala bagundi anta ......releasing tommorow in india

  2. Missed frnds party in vijayawada .... Because of ending tis month e month avaraki istam ladu Naku..... kuda Anadriki titulu padinai intlo valatho sooo party anta...bye byee may hehehhee

  3. Felng sooo sad !!!₹

  4. Soooooooooooooooooo much saddddddddddddddd in my mind nd so much fell in my heart bcause of i hurted my father today iam sooo sryyyyyyyyyyy dad..

  5. watching ella modalayindi movie enni sarulu chuisina bore kotadu NAVEEN ADI AE NANI MAMAYA ACTION COMEDY SUPER ...CHEERS TO U

  6. talking tom in android phones soo niceee...cat rockzz..

  7. Palacharla harsha is vry nice guy!

  8. Palacharla harsha was a good boy!

  9. watching husk movie ...

  10. Watching pirates of caribean movie ....... Uhhhu

  11. I'm in nivea cream class i.e english class

  12. prankdial is awesome! you can prank call friends, make the caller id anything, and even record the prank free! http://bit.ly/yHtVR

  13. Plz post this as ur StatusHeart surgery free of cost for children(0-10Y)Ph : 080-28411500It might save some1's life.

  14. watching faltu movie

  15. Abba baga cold nd cough bonus ga fever because off ice creams ....

  16. Chemistry seminar utter flop kasta padii chadivina noo use chemistry sucksss....

    1. Gunner


      don't worry....try hard for next time..

    2. K D No.1

      K D No.1

      db lo straightface eyyakunda chaduveha sariggaaa



  17. going ride on my new bike to some where... spend time wisely

  18. Pepsi change the game

  19. happy mothers day i nd my bro bought a gold chain for my mother i will give it to my mom in few minutes ......

  20. 100 love super hit asaluu awesome leee sukumar direction keka chaitu rockzzzz ..... Ahoo baluu song aite expeted kante inka high peak loo undiii songs r super tamana is nice perfomance..over all movie truth hit nd chaitu dance on senior ntr song.....

  21. today i booked r15 cherry red colour... tommorow i get the bike ...dads gift.

  22. All Indians......Congrats!!!!!!!!!our national anthem "Jana Gana Mana........" is declared as "THE BEST ANTHEM OF THE WORLD" by UNESCO...... Kindly everyone re-post this as your status atleast for an hour. Let's show the world we rock ! PROUD to be an INDIAN

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