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  1. Jai Sree Raama Jai Hanumaan
  2. Besides damage, the cyclones in India doesn’t penetrate much into land area compared to USA(just for example). Maha aithe 50-200 kms velli die avuddi. But some cyclones in USA, FL to land fall ayi, NY daaka vellina scenarios vunnai in recent past which is 100’s of miles. Indian vaatilo Divi seema uppena is most devastating antaaru in last few decades followed by Odisha in 98/99 period. Hud Hud laantivi due to population density ekkuva damage chesi vundochu money wise, but cyclone magnitude is less. Either case, Godavari belt lo raavatam nenu eppudu vinaledu. ps: I am no expert in this topic…out of interest penchukunna little knowledge anthe.
  3. Not first time….infact common in cyclone prone areas. Costal India has very little cyclones compared to some other parts of world. Wind direction plays a key role in this and for India, Eastern ghats and Western ghats acts as a barrier and our monsoons are from Indian Ocean via Kerala belt. Eppudo rare scenarios lo Bay of Bengal lo depression vastundi extended from Australia/Indonesia region …vachinaa mana daaka raadu. Vachina very low compared to other parts of world. For example, Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico, South Eastern USA etc. Hot air from these regions are attracted by depression formed by colder air in Northern US and Canada regions and these depressions are stronger and hence powerful Cyclones and Tornadoes in North American continent. We have similar topography but only difference is, Arravali range in North west and Vindhyachal range in Central India block the cold air depressions and hence we have little to less Cyclones and Tornadoes. But there are scenarios like El Niño and La Niña which cause unusual and unnatural phenomena and hence some unusual climate conditions.
  4. Agree…She is service oriented. Mana side if won, Rama Naidu gaaru deserves that. 2 genuine politicians in 2 states in last few years.
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