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  1. Aurangazeb is correct word for CBN..

    He worked his xxx off like Aurangazeb and when the succession time came, he fought for his rightful dues and took it.



    This is what triggered Aurangazeb:


    Shah Jahan was outraged to see Aurangzeb enter the interior palace compound in military attire and immediately dismissed him from his position of Viceroy of the Deccan, Aurnagzeb was also no longer allowed to use Red tents (an imperial prerogative, which Shah Jahan handed over to Dara Shikoh) or associate himself with the official military standard of the Mughal Emperor.[9]


  2. Alludu reddy..


    Repu revanth reddy party maari CBN ni thittina ascharya ponavasaram ledhu..


    Maree digajaripoyindhi raajakeeyam


    vere party ki maaripoyi CBN ni thittina kooda...malla avasaramunnappudu eppudaina party loki jerochchu...Rajyasaba lu..MLC lu kooda pondhochchu....nothing to loose for them..2howyz8.gif

  3. ok baa good night

    Good night maaia...Telusuko marintha telusuko...This journey itself is so fascinating and wonderful....Bhakti jnanam ga parinaminchaali...jnanam bhaktiga parinaminchaali...Good luck baa.. :shakehands:

  4. babaji :donno:


    i am trying to be follows ramayya foot steps..respect elders/parents.do good things in life.. help possible..but not hurt.. living simple life. not expecting to much.. :shakehands:


    Babaji aap mahaan hai.. :adore:

  5. no bro..she is bit emotional when packed up..not for stopping films..she will contin.. :shakehands:

    Baapu given her his skeches of Ramayan.. :shakehands:


    antha manchi paatra chesina taruvatha mari aa taruvatha chetta paatralu veyyatam waste bro.. :ready2fight:


    Gandhi ante Ben kingsley..Nayantaara anta Sita ane rakanga undifovalante she should stop further acting... :peepwall:

  6. you may find village without school but you dont find village without Raamayya temple :pray:


    Well said Babaji.. :bananadance::bananadance::bananadance: But ramayya should be in Everyone's heart as well..then this world would be truly a wonderful place to live in.. :bananadance::bananadance:

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