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  1. 1 hour ago, NatuGadu said:

    Broker gadena rasindhi

    Very easy to abuse, If you have sources, try to get information on the role Radhakrishna is playing in this whole episode. Ever since parliament sessions, hes is shuttling between delhi and hyd to help us out. He is getting first hand info from delhi and helping us on the strategy. Just try to check on this information if it's true or not

  2. IT minister palle ragunathreddy gaari gurinchi yevarikanna informatin unte veyyandi


    His background, experience etc. IT ministry & team ni koddiga young blood ki isthe baaguntadhi ani naa opinion


    except IT, anni fields lo AP manchi progress put up chesindhi! There are some key areas which are grossly neglected....not sure why they aren't being addressed!

  3. anni bane unayi gani packages information mundu APTDC lo pettandi


    Manam hitech city CM ani chepukuntam but Aptdc website ni upgrade cheyandi babu ga



    True, ippatiki vacchi oka one stop informaton source ledhu...............pani M leni vaatiki apps develop chese badulu ittanti vaatiki develop cheste baaguntadhi!


    Promo videos chesi other states lo publicity ivvali( cinema halls, events, public locations like airports etc).

  4. Exactly, He is on right track. But we also need to cater to service sector. It is the one which kick starts growth. Results from manufacturing sector takes time to reflect unlike service sector which give very fast results!


    Wages and earnings in manufacturing are low. They fill the un employment gap but wouldn't show quick results.  AP lo uppudu unna realty prices ni only service sector can afford. Service sector creates housing boom an inturn the economy!

  5. Govt sector lo unna companies ke chaala spending undhi IT meeda............like e pragathi project, transco, genco, discom etc, Commercial tax & VAT etc. Veetillo okka ocmpany ke maa vallu 40 mandi support istunnaru. By next june all have to mandatorily move to VJA. Oka chinna clause pedithe chaalu.........Those who support should support from VJA ani! Easy ga oka 500 jobs move avutaayi!


    These being public sector companies, they are a very lucrative deal and companies cannot miss it.

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