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NTR's Bigg Boss show to be within Telugu culture

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NTR's Bigg Boss show to be within the bounds of Telugu/Indian culture.


For this the participants and the production unit would need to make sure  that they have it within the bounds of Telugu culture. Anyone above age 6 would be able to watch the show without losing the Telugu perspective and ethics of life.


It is important to the participants to not indulge in unethical language or scenarios  so that the show does not damage the Telugu culture. Note the participants will also be weighed down in real life.


Nothing wrong with NTR taking up to run the show. Dogs bark when they feel threatened so we hear the barking all around regarding NTR's movie (Jai Lava Kusa) and Show (Bigg Boss). Fans do not have to worry.


It is the participants who are supposed to be ethical in their presentation. The participants should be Telugu culture sensitive, ethical in language and scenarios they are under. The participants will have to face public later after their participation in show and so they will be definitely ethical.


And for this NTR would have to be careful and be able to step out or force shelve the show if it is being taken in wrong direction by the producer's.


The fans of NTR will stand for this direction. We do care less of the Alien producers than Telugu interest.




Indian culture stood the onslaught of invaders over 12 hundred years and NTR Jr would understand that and work in the bounds of the culture. One word of caution we threw the white invaders out of country but let us be careful with Capitalist invaders.

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