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  1. When HD or toyota or GM or Ford entered India, India had great promise. The rising middle class and the increasing wealth of the people naturally creates demand for luxury products. China has become the biggest market for luxury products in the last two decades. On the other hand, the last 6 years saw Indian economy regressing. Demand, not only for luxury vehicles but also for normal motorcycles and cars, was contracting even before covid. 

  2. 1 hour ago, krishna_Bidda said:

    toyota ,hyundaiand honda cars were successful in India .... because of their adaptability to the local consumer base and they also have high taxes just any foreign company...

    For you https://www.bloombergquint.com/business/toyota-halts-india-expansion-blaming-we-don-t-want-you-taxes#:~:text=Dhiraj Singh%2FBloomberg-,Toyota Halts India Expansion%2C Blaming 'We,Don't Want You' Taxes&text=(Bloomberg) -- Toyota Motor Corp,on by the coronavirus pandemic


    Modi license raj era tactics tho economy ni nakinchesthunnadu.

  3. 30 minutes ago, yamaha said:

    MNC stocking of commodities during season will lead to throw aways prices for farmer.

    This can happen only if MNCs form cartels. US and EU impose world-wide jurisdiction on the MNCs that operate in their country and they won't allow such tactics. So most of the executives of MNCs don't do it these days to escape punishment from their govts. So they are most of the times better than gujju middlemen.

  4. IMO, this bill is inevitable. In all developed countries agriculture is a part of commodities business. The bill is removing the trade barriers. 

    Though I like the intent behind the bill, I doubt Modi's capability of proper implementation. In the end they will subvert into another money grabbing oppurtunity for gujju's. 

  5. Most of the info regarding Kodela's son was shared in this db before it became well-known outside. Since it was shared in this db, I believed it as authentic. But the mistakes/corruption if even if true are nothing when compared to what's going on now under current YSRCP regime. 

  6. 1 hour ago, TDP_Abhimani said:

    mastaaru.....I am not supporting Modi's implementation of demonitization...I objectively support "demonitization",which is nothing but making more of digital payments......direct ga bank accounts lo deposit avuthe,it can tracked......5 years back antha cash transactions.....Mostly salaried people tax ee collect chesevaalu....Most Businesses anni CA's tho donga projections tho tax skip chesevaalu......After demotization,even customers are forced to make digital payments.......see for normal chai wala,fruit vendor,auto driver,plumber etc,they wont be effected with digital payments,because they come under lower tax slab....atleast businesses who are making good money would pay slightly higher amount in taxes than before......This is conformed from CA I personally know......Black Money Recovery is diff subject

    For people who are opposing Demonitization.....Didnt CBN propose this way back in 2013,to ban all 500 and 1000 notes and encourage digital transactions??......

    Your statement of objectively supporting demo is confusing. I am guessing you want increased tax compliance with better tracking of money transactions. CBN is also wrong on the DeMo aspect. He jumped on the bandwagon without understanding its implications.

    Regarding tax compliance, there are many ways a govt collects tax. For example in India, a rich guy who doesn't pay taxes on his business will buy expensive items such as cars, jewelry as well as real estate with the saved money. Such things are taxed at a very very high rate in India. In USA, taxes on real estate transactions are pretty much nothing in most of the states (except in few states like Delaware). And taxes on car transactions are also nominal. If you buy gold online from out of state no tax at all. 

    So as long as the rich guys are spending the money (which they got by not paying taxes on their business income), the govt is getting its tax revenue. Just using a different route.

    What I am trying to say is there are many ways of raising tax revenue. People all over the world try to cheat on taxes. To counter that, govts. come up with different avenues of taxation. And there are many ways to increase tax compliance and to audit money trail. But I never saw a govt. coming up with an idea to halt the entire economy just to punish tax-evading citizens. 

  7. 3 hours ago, TDP_Abhimani said:

    1. Demonitization:-- First lo ibbandi padda,its need of hour.Eppudu slaried people ee taxes kattala??.....tax egotte vallau inka vunna,but many businessmen are paying tax to seo extent....small towns lo phone pe,Gpay thoone money tr

    The premise itself is wrong and not just implementation. What made you think DeMo will increase tax compliance? Everyone pays tax to certain extent whether it sales tax, real estate transaction tax. DeMo's main promise was to recover black money (money not in circulation and hoarded by super rich).  Quantum of black money in India is in between 5-10% at the max. To recover that small percentage of money, Modi thoughtlessly stopped most of the economy for couple of months, directly stopping circulation of ~90% of money. And its repercussions had even longer tail. 

    DeMo is nothing but a hare-brained scheme from Modi who has no understanding of how macro-economy works and who is arrogant enough to not take economists' feedback.

    Denne Telugulo konda naliki mandhesthe unna nalika oodhindhi antaru.   

    Ideas/intentions are dime a dozen. For any executive it is the implementation that shows how capable that executive is. In that aspect, Modi is an utter failure as far as economy is concerned.

  8. 5 minutes ago, sskmaestro said:

    Alaa emi undadu le.... you have to do apples to apples comparison. Seattle lo emanna Divine reason undhaa ? Just a mere tourist attraction ni oka historical divine place tho Ela compare chestaaamu?  Konda ki edo moola riverfront view erpaaatu chestaaru for taking pictures and enjoying the view

    I didn't talk in depth about the topic such as possibility of creating a vibrant ecosystem surrounding the krishna-riverfront such as upscale communities, riverfront related tourism activities (without any reference to the temple). If the capital is somehow retained at Amaravati, the riverfront on both sides of the river would have been an gold mine. Even without Amaravati, the city-side of the riverfront always has the potential to further develop Vijayawada. If planned properly, it would have been close to what the beach is to Vizag. Highways and flyovers preclude such possibilities. There are many cities around the world that removed highways near their waterfronts. Please read the article posted in gizmodo to see what is possible.


    Anyhow I won't discuss this topic anymore. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, sskmaestro said:

    Prakasam barrage ki flyover kinda nunchi vellochu.... that route is not blocked. Coming to riverfront access, generally devotees go to Krishna for bathing and that route is also not blocked. 

    konda meeda nunchoni Krishna river view ni eppudu kooda choodochu..... 

    Yes they can go. But it will not create the open and inviting feel. Gradually people will loose interest. Even with Seattle flyover, you could go to the water-front. But the flyover creates a visual and mental block and people will gradually loose interest. I spent time in both Seattle and SFO. The barrier effects of flyover are real.

  10. 3 minutes ago, gnk@vja said:

    Masteru ....flyover kosam nene 20yrs mundi wait chesa . I was a daily commuter to vij , I know personally pain in that area . Year lo oka 100 days navratrlu ani , bhavani mala ,  radhosvatvam ani , river snananlu ani ....every month edo okati .  Who ever travel this route suffer like anything . 

    2 km kosam milk project chitti nagar one town motham tour la vellali

    Okkosari exam time lo late ayedi..appudu choodali maa tension . Eppudu clear avudo telidu . 

    Janalaki bhakthi ekkuvai car velle vadu kuda break vesi mari dandam pettukuntadu . Just imagine prathi okkadu break vesthe ela untundo

    Naa lanti vallu gattu venkua ante indrakiladri other side vallu entho mandi daily commuters suffer ayyaru 

    River front leka poina parledu anipisthadi ivani choosthe

    For the same reasons you are describing, I am saying its better to re-purpose the road for local use (mainly due to the presence of temple). A different route for through-traffic should have been planned and the flyover should have been constructed for that different route. The river front including areas surrounding prakasam barriage (that are now being blocked by the flyover) could have been developed for tourism purposes. A flyover will prevent any further development of river-front.

  11. 17 minutes ago, sskmaestro said:

    Ante... riverfront ni use cheskolemu as we have a temple and the hill is not private property or govt property. You are comparing with SFO and Seattle, this is completely different thing. Kanaka Durga temple kindaki vastundi ah hill and surrounding area..... 

    What I mean is the flyover will cutoff access to the riverfront even for the devotees in addition to the other people. It will gradually create a physical block. Looking at the drone video, it is blocking easy access to prakasam barriage. My guess is few years down the line, people will start talking about it.

  12. I may be of the contrary opinion, but the flyover itself is a bad idea. Such a flyover bordering riverfront will cutoff access to the riverfront. And access to a beautiful riverfront is more important than the flyover in my opinion. In the long run it will considered a bad choice just like Modi's DeMo. An alternative route should have been selected for the high-way and the existing road should have been repurposed for local use and for the use of temple devotees.

    Both San Francisco and Seattle built such flyovers cutting off access to waterfront. They learned from their mistakes and removed such flyovers. In the case of Seattle they built an underground road at a great cost just to gain access to the waterfront.

    Interested people google "embarcadero highway san francisco" and "seattle alaskan viaduct".

  13. 9 hours ago, sskmaestro said:

    TDP social media handles lo kaadu..... YCP vallu Dalits cheta konni Dalit YouTube channels pettinchaaru.... similarly for Christians also they are doing the same.....


    someone from TDP has to properly bisect the YCP formula. Looks like top to bottom of TDP are merely depending on public wrath on the YCP govt. that’s definetly a traditional and evergreen strategy, but you need a backup strategy come what may. That’s missing with the party on a whole. 

    Your post itself contains the solution. In addition of posting these videos from TDP related channels, we have to provide backend support to Jagan opponents in Daliths and let them do the rest of the work. Few videos going viral per month or two from those channels is all we need. Whatever we directly do in SM, it won't have same impact.

    Jagan's ruling is providing so many options. We are not effectively grabbing them, forget about creating/manufacturing them.

  14. 12 hours ago, ktb said:

    When systems are failing because of people working in it , instead of cleansing the system and rotted employees And leaders  , merely creating alternative system with same people , is just a publicity stunt with no conviction 

    Well said. This is one of my pet peeves with Indian administrative system, which is still stuck in the bygone British raj era. All they care about is creating more mindless bureaucrats. The govt. should get out of most of the sectors especially banking. A person passing with flying colors in one of those exams and joins a PSU bank is still going to be inefficient when compared to a banker at a private bank. And instead of populating important bodies like RBI with dumb economists from Hindi heartland, they should get people with international experience in such matters.

  15. Ippudu padina corona debbaki aa panchudu ella kalam cheyyaleru. And both Jagan and Modi are not good at reviving economies. So manam silent ga backend lo pani chesukovatam better.

    Babu garini konni months media mundhu kanapada vaddhani naa manavi. Adedho cinemo lo cheppinattu evarayina ayanaki cheppandi. Give the (media lo) firing bazooka to someone else who is funny and sarcastic.

  16. What PK did was written in "Art of War" written long time ago in 5th centery BC. Interested people can read that book and compare the sequence of events before the elections with the book content. Thats why I say what needs to be done is all behind the scenes actions. Manamemo front lo over action backend lo nothing laga chesam last elections lo.

    Whatever Jagga is, he got strong political advisors and deputies. We need such people in TDP.

    Another thing is Jagga was never tested on the governance aspect before 2019. Now people can compare. So we don't need to give up. Even strong leaders like NTR lost elections. So beating Jagan is not difficult if TDP can come up with correct strategizes and execute them.

  17. 6 hours ago, bharath_k said:

    (1) 2024-2019 A.P recorded highest growth ( 15% per year ) , much money flown in to normal people hands.  

    chinna chinna panulu chsukone vallu kooda  rojuki 800 to 1000 rupees choosaru.  Anni rojulonu pani dorikindi.   Edi valla lifestyle nu ... next level loki tesukellindi. 

    Prativaadilo confidence levels nenu naa life lo eppudu choodananta perigai. 

    (2)   Success has many fathers,  GOVT chesina manchi panula valla , vari hands lo weath create aiyyindi ani  angikarinche stiti daati poyyaru. 

      - This is the side effect of un deserved wealth.  ( not able to recognize others help ). 

    Based on high growth rate, I too thought TDP could come into power.

    But it is very hard to make people see the connection between stable income and CBN. On the other hand it is very easy to believe lies. Many people grudge the rise in real estate wealth with the out of state money pouring into Andhra during TDP regime. But they didn't realize that real estate money was providing them livelihood indirectly. 

    Anyhow it is the duty of the parties to paint their opposition negatively and project themselves positively whatever the reality is. In that TDP failed last time. We didn't understand the modern behavioral science employed by PK (yes these tactics are taught in marketing classes) and it was too late. For next elections, TDP should change tactics. CBN should delegate and take help instead of trying to be everything for everyone.

    There is no use blaming people. Thats a self-defeating tactic. Instead we should try better techniques to reach out to people.

  18. In my opinion, its before 2018 itself, probably by mid-2017 or late 2017. My T-friends were getting -ve posts on Amaravati in whatsapp and they used to discuss them as if they were true. They all, even though highly educated, believed YCP propaganda of no work done in Amaravathi. And they believed it because the messages in WA looked like from intellectuals without any connection to YCP.  So if Telugu NRIs with no connection to YCP (not the same caste, not the same state, no emotional investment to YCP) could believe YCP propaganda, it is no wonder Andhra people believed it.

    PK created multiple memes on TDP failure and released them into whatsapp, twitter, and facebook. Then people circulated them according to their preferences. Highly educated circulated lies on Amaravathi graphics. Daily workers circulated manufactured jokes on Lokesh. Each caste circulated different videos, but all showing TDP in -ve light. On top of it, there is an emotional appeal of one chance.