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  1. Bhayya mari dharunam ga allu arjun of db annav enti :D

  2. yippee!!!! India won!!

  3. opnd twiitr aftr many dyz!!

  4. Siddhu_jrntr

    NTR... Best of the Best

  5. guyz can any1 of u say how 2 increase followrs??

  6. borinnnnnnn day.mssin my dance practise dayzzzz a lot

  7. jus came home aftr performin at annual day............my legz painin a lot

  8. suffrn frm headache at presnt

  9. Sum Idiots unfolled me...donno wat dey r thinkin abt demselves........ oh god wen vl othrs follow me????

  10. listn 2 "I Like The Way You Love Me"..........luv dis sng!!

  11. donnoooooooo y noone followz meeeeeeeeeeeeeee