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Supreme court on amaravati case


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“Direction 5 is completely unacceptable, that you develop the capital city in six months. What do you mean by the capital city? Direction 3-7 stayed till the next date of hearing,” said the bench while hearing the petition.

The bench while hearing the matter on Monday said, “Courts cannot become a town planner.”

Justice Nagarathna asked: “What kind of directions have the high court passed. Can the court be a town planner? The court wants the planning to be done in two months.”

The apex court also found the directions issued by the high court to have overstepped the “separation of power” principle.

The bench said, “Is there no separation of power in the state of Andhra Pradesh? How can the high court begin acting as an executive?”

It added: “The state is to be able to decide where the capital ought to be.”

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ABN, Tv5 laaga One side kaadu anta? Sakshit, Tv3*3, NTV, Namaste Telangana ani dora ki porapaatuna koda raaledu ga,
Pak vaallaga pakkanollu nasanam avvalanna kinda putte manta valla alaage pani chesthademo mind….

6 months ante migilina 30 -40% pani cheyyamani… basic infrastructure ki anukunta…..  Adedo Oka Bengaluru, Chennai kattamani kaadu….. 

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2 hours ago, ramntr said:

Time bound thing is acceptable le... 

 RERA vundi vunte amaravati lo kooda government has to pay penality to farmers anukonta .

Development kinda Govt teesukonnappudu , already delayed years so 6 months lo complete cheyyamanatam justifiable for sure .


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Asalu 33000 farmers land thisukoni, oka Govt mosam chesthunte…… Majority below 5 acres land vaallu….. Dani politics kosam support chese batch ni emanali, kadupuki annam ye thintaara, leka asudham thintaara? 
Mundu vallu edo thappu chesaranta… kabatti memu elanti lathkor panulayina chesthamanta….. 🤦‍♂️ 


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