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Real Agnyathavasi TV9 RaviPrakash


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2 hours ago, OneAndOnlyMKC said:

Vallave ... Battalu ippi tweet ki hyper gadu reply

Eyyyyyy What a Man He Is  పోయి పోయి ఇలాంటోని ఎందుకు గెలికారు రా బొత్తిగా భయం లేదు మనిషికి

Hyper aadhii Vadivi promos raakundaa direct gaa eesthunaru gaaa

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Arrey PK chettha na dash ga...madhyamik Ravi Prakash valla Mrs photo enduku pettav Ra? Mind dobbinda ...asalu EMI cheddam anukuntannavu...nenu aa Sri Reddy tittina  video choodaledu..but nuvvu tweet chesaka choosa .... Nuvvu nee fans entha  mandini aa word tho tittaro Aatma sodhana chesukondi Ra Jaffa gallara

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3 hours ago, Vishal_Ntr said:

WTF is wrong with this fellow....atleast ABN and other channels blurred this and muted the words....but he went insane.....


PK ga endi ra idi...mee amma garini ni addupettukuni intha chillaraga rajakeeyam chestunnav? 

@Vishal_Ntr - may be his state of mind is not in a position to realize what he is doing - in medical terms it is called post traumatic situation. And in brain medicine or Vizag/ Erragadda hospitals language - he is hurting himself - it will take some time to heal. 

It may take time to heal - but healing is guaranteed - but we cannot guarantee whether it is with medicine or with time

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