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NTR Housing Scheme

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Total Houses planned to built by 2019 under NTR Housing scheme :: Around 12.70 lakhs.

In this 12.70 lakhs housing- there are different type of sub housing schemes like NTR Rural Housing, NTR Specical Housing (HudHud or cyclone effected etc.), PMAY-NTR (U), PMAY-NTR (G), IAY Fire Victims Housing, Welfare of Fishermen Housing etc.

  • State Govt assist houses :: Around 9.2 Lakhs homes (State provide 1 Lakh and the remaining by beneficiary).
  • Central and State Govt houses (PMAY-NTR(U) and PMAY-NTR(G))-Around 3.5 Lakhs homes (center provide 1.5 Lakhs, State provide 1 Lakhs and the remaining by beneficiary)

As on today, Total 7,80,000 Houses delivered with a sum of 10,200 Crores (State: 8800 Crores, Central:2400 Crores). Total Budget in Type-1 and Type-2 houses - 10,200 Crores (State: 8800 Crores, Central:2400 Crores)

  1. Central and State Govt houses (PMAY-NTR(U) and PMAY-NTR(G))_Delivered ~1,60,000 Houses Center Assistance - 1,60,000 Houses X 1,50,000 Rs = 2400 Crores State Assistance - 1,60,000 Houses X 1,00,000 Rs = 1600 Crores Total : 4000 Crores (Center 2400 Cr, State 1600 Cr)
  2. State Govt assistance houses (NTR Housing, various sub housing categories are involved) :: ~6,20,000 Houses. State Assistance - 6,20,000 Houses X 1,00,000 Rs = 6200 Crores Total : 6200 Crores (State assistance)
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