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***Monsoon Updates***


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Anantapur, Kurnool & CHittor lo baaga varshalu paduthunnayi.

avunNnai indakane devi chrppindi ntv lo

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Monsoon set to extend coverage over India, says Australian met bureau
Increase in cloudiness and rainfall during the next seven days will drive the Indian monsoon further north and spread it over much of the subcontinent, says the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

This would be overseen by a passing Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) wave across the Indian Ocean this week, the Australian Bureau said in its latest update.

The India Met Department has already indicated the possibility of the monsoon, now in a ‘switch-off’ mode along the West Coast, reviving over the weekend.

The Madden-Julian Oscillation wave has been associated with formation of low-pressure areas, cyclones and even the onset of the monsoons.

Cyclone watch
Coincidentally, the IMD has put out a watch for a cyclonic circulation over the West-central and adjoining North-West Bay of Bengal by Friday.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts pointed to the possibility of the system taking shape close to the Andhra Pradesh coast.

This is expected to rev up the monsoon flows over the Bay of Bengal but the European Centre did not see the system intensifying to any significant strength.

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Moderate weather in AP and Telangana.A bit warm in coastal regions


Amalapuramm 43 degrees

Kakinada - 41.5 degreee

Machilipatnam - 40.6 degrees

Nellore - 38.2 degrees Normally a rainshadow area in this season

Kurnool - 37 degrees (weak swm in vicinity )

Anantapur - 34.4 degrees (SWM set )

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