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James bond


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Get ready to watch Junior NTR get into

the shoes of a James Bond-like

character in his film to be directed by

Puri Jagannadh. In what may be called a

surprise of sorts, PJ is engaged in

writing a Bond-like character for the


The as-yet -untitled film will be shot in

the US, sources say. The film, which is

slated to go on the floors in August this

year, will see NTR in a never-seen-

before role.

The director has been quoted as saying

that he will work hard to compensate

the folly of Andhrawala. The first NTR-

PJ combo was such a big flop that it is

still considered as the biggest

nightmarish flop in the career of the


It has to be seen if NTR is playing an

entirely urbane character in the movie.

In that case, it may be considered an


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6 pack vaddu bro... kasta body undi aa meesalu trim chesi BV lo ela unnado ala undesi... juttu kuda same 2 same BV andoye ..... nxt dresses vishayaiki vaste anni branded ea pepe jeans n levis ilantivi vadithe enkemaina na kekaaaa untadu mana NTR... appudu mana NTR ki kuda ammayi following peruguthadi

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