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  1. Only alliance is advantage...and how far have to assess. Alliance should dominate fully in visakha,godavari dts to get power
  2. Majority of Krishna and guntur are for amaravati as capital. Even that is not capitalised well with people.. Atlast only electioneering and village level groups dominated elections
  3. In general terms only youth and employees change govt...in this election majority of these sections are against govt,still ycp is in fight . Some emotion or sentiment is missing from TDP.
  4. Ysrcp money mostly reached voters..normally will not happen with ruling party.
  5. Through Money, election,and social Engineering ysrcp in the fight
  6. Any thing can happen...expecting good results in 3 dts..vizag,godavari dts
  7. Proddutur,kadapa,rajampet,mydukuru,kamalapuram.,jammalamadugu..tough fight
  8. If not signed wantedly...is that invalid vote
  9. Invalid votes chala vunnayi last time
  10. Naa lekkalu dabba kottukotaniki vundavu
  11. Ee number vachina nakenduku dimma tirigiddi
  12. If wave money may not work, if no wave money will work up to some extent
  13. If at all ycp coming closer to win...only due to change of sittings
  14. Staff chala varaku support chesaru booths lo
  15. East gelustadi ,bapatla 80% chances vunnayi..
  16. 2019 lo alliance lekapovatam ,ippudu alliance vundatam rendu debba Laaga vundi
  17. 30 ed raids, 40 it raids ki oppukunnara
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