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  1. It should be in reverse let lokesh takeover gudivada n wipe off his bad image
  2. 1500 crores capital construction lo 1000k ayaney ichadu.. He alotted max houses under housing schme to AP
  3. Sambad lanti techies n hardworker ni hurt cheyyatam not Good
  4. [url=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ffVZ5cTuP5E/UU8D2-1DDOI/AAAAAAAAA9Y/m3SA8-sqmX4/s1600/dandu1.gif]
  5. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ffVZ5cTuP5E/UU8D2-1DDOI/AAAAAAAAA9Y/m3SA8-sqmX4/s1600/dandu1.gif
  6. Good scheme recently done for parents.. Pre existing​ diseases ki min 2 years wait cheyali coverage ki ... Ikkada bavundi.. They will give bonds
  7. Oka 20 years yesko ..daily trips veyyadanaki no cine actors na
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