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  1. 57 minutes ago, Sr Fan said:

    Instead of looking for electoral edges,tactics, short gains, alliances - dilemmas etc. all the time, we should dare to dream big.

    Short term tactics vs Long term strategic vision. No need to pronounce explicitly my penchant between those two options, for a long time.  IMHO R brother - TDP should participate in elections independently, whatever votes it gets fine, and let the chips fall where they may. TDP should control its own destiny and hope for inspiration in future.

    We cannot control outcomes of somebody and it may not be our job at hand at this point. Goal should be  NTR's brainchild Telugu party again in TG. It is a worthwhile aspiration to think about a party that it is going to flourish in future.

    It is not a sin- to dream. Annaay NTR's idea to live again in TG, maybe someday someone will inspire and carry the baton. Never say never. (My two cents)


    Yes sir, disappointed by decision to not contest.

  2. 6 hours ago, Sr Fan said:

    Q -Don't bite more than you can chew! As predicted, Bharat is methodically flexing its muscles and Q will feel the squeeze - This is one front only, as of now.


    (-Q airways tax evasions (it seems from a long time....of all the ME airways this is the major fraudster as per IT dep. related news) - $8 B and may be with fines & accrued interests - must amount to lot more. Any airways that much amount in arrears will be shell shocking.

    - Gas purchases - Bharat is Big customer of gas purchase from Q, now it will temporarily shift to UAE which also sells gas. ( Bharat has more options, R and Venuzuela - ready to rumble.... More diversification in energy purchases is good too for B's standpoint of view anyway.)

    -Al jaz tv - Bharat must be big revenue generator through marketing ads with its size....Any time they can tighten the screws(easier for Indian based private advertisers to pull back...may be in the works)

    Although India is not obligated as they were not on govt. duty, good to see they are trying their best for citizens.

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