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  1. 4 minutes ago, Chandasasanudu said:

    telangana flourishing very well…manam ika naina negative ga chooddatam manali..monnati daka 5 to 10 lks unde maa poallu 64 lks ki vellai😊😊

    ee andhra lo invest chesekanna akkada chesi untey aa money tho retired aipoye vadmi…telangana all time best anattu atleast agriculture…

    current trend same parties continue in andhra and trlangana after 2024 unless some major changes 


    after 2014 down ayyindhi few years

    after kcr won second time, started this trend...

    after jagga rao won in AP... peaks loki vellindhi ...

    now no one can stop

    2024 - Brandy dora for T, Jagga for AP confirm

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