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  2. Who ever distributed money will get some pulse Some pensioners not taken money saying we are getting 2k pension,so we can assume 70% of pensioners voted Sc and reddy dwacra not voted Bc and other sections dwacra women voted If you know anyone who distributed will get real ground situation even that vary from area to area.
  3. The big reason why YCP is predicting thier win is Janasena. East, West, Vizag are the only districts which Janasena can impact. Avi 2014 lo TDP baaga gelichina 3 dst. Akkada Janasena valla TDP vote bank split aithe YCP ki power lo ki raavatam easy. This is their calculation. Ee calculation ki logic kooda undi. East lo Amalapuram MP belt and KKD MP belt lo TDP votes Janasena baaga cheelusthundhi ane talk anthata undi. Alane Vizag MP seat kinda MLA seats kooda. For me, if Janasena eats TDP votes, then we are loosing. If he eats both party votes, then we can survive
  4. what is Matrix prediction last year on Telangana assembly?
  5. Anthe ive tactics tho 2014 lo evaru leru inka Modi is the saviour ani nammerlu chesadu valla propaganda tho
  6. Arm twisted allies unnaruga entho kontha south nunchi TRS YCP AIADMK
  7. @ cheif minister... Jagan punjukunnadu ... Ycp kummuthundi... Evarni adigina ycp antunnaru ... Ilanti logics kakunda... Straight ga tell me a point... Any reason that will give Jagan a win ? Govt Medha anti incumbency ravadaniki focal point asal Lene Leni single reign idhi matram... CBN all the way... just wait and watch
  8. may be because of Nizam at that time and Telugu is not much used in Nizam in those days??
  9. prasthtam jarigina AP elections lo prediction cheyali ante either he must be very close to AP or central intelligence sources or must be a highly meritorious statistician ayyundali or time travel chese capacity vundali.in any competition, no one will admit defeat that too a fight of this closeness.but YCP supporters are more vocal than tdp sympathisers.neutrals are not at all opening mouth because this of fear factor from ycp camp .women voting predict cheyyagaligithe thapoa we cant predict.but people morning 4.30 varaku voting cheyyatam anedi crucial and interesting.e time margin lo vote evariki vesaro valle winners.thats the fact.
  10. Ammala daggara manam entha freedom ayinaa tessukovachu. Adi chanuvu and prema.
  11. assalu emi ardame kavatledu YSRCP vallu as well as TDP vallu evariki vallu memu gelustham ani oka batch.. memu odipotham ani inko batch ... nela rojulu ayye sariki em avuthundo emo ardam kaani paristhithi...
  12. Aaaat...ee comment never before and never again asalu...Boyapati range elevation 🤣🤣
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  14. When everyone is bombarded 24x7 with News Media+ Electronic Media + Social Media + Caste + Money + Religion, There are hardly any Neutral Voters. This is a Polarized Society to an extent a Polarized world.
  15. can any one have idea of meaning of andhra and telugu? why bhagavatam in telugu called andhra mahabhagavatam not telugu mahabhagavatam?same case in mahabharatm
  16. Ekkuva avesa padakandi Neutral voters vundedhi 10-12% ee.. Oka party ki +1% ayithe inko party ki -1% anattu. Total difference +2% that's it.
  17. Vaalochi kalustaamanna.. kalavataniki evadu siddam ga ledu.
  18. Dude Modi gaadu chesedaaniki siggupadalsindi poyi.. mee vaadu chese edavapanini edutollani kuda cheyamanatam .. Kya baath hein. Thoda sharam kar.
  19. Send off endhi ne bondh.a.. 69 years young old guy running with 4-5 years young boy..
  20. same logic applies to KCR, Visa Reddy also no....vallani kooda bokkalo veyyali ga CBN ni Modi ni tittinanduku ?
  21. E igioist edavaki cheppukothagga allies ewaru unnaru
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