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RamaSiddhu J

Dubbaka BJP Lead

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Its little to difficult to read this election result..There is certianle negativity on TRS..but most of them are not ready to vote for Congress..Congress is still like an untouchable party to some sections..They badly need a better alternative..BJP is more aggressive, they can say whatever they want to and do whatever they want to..KCR cant dare to touch them..they are not TDP or congress..they have Modi and Shah with them..May be its early to say BJP is the alternative based on result, congress is still strong in some constituencies..Ideally KCR would want fall of Congress and raise of BJP only to an extent they both split the incumbancy so that he can escape..But now BJP can attract congress leaders, if BJP performs better in GHMC and congress falls further..then its a real threat to KCR..then we can have 2 morons as enemies instead of 3


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