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Sai gadi dappu

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I'm waiting for sulabh gadi videos.... 

State ki Lamborghini company vasthundanta chepthunnadu, but news channels ఏవి report cheyyatam ledanta... 😅, inthaki ey channel లో edusthunnadu ఇప్పుడు... 

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3 hours ago, r_sk said:

How about Journalist Diary?

same story but sai gadu leki journalism lo top lo untadu

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33 minutes ago, sskmaestro said:


agent sai

journalist diary 

Ca nagarjuna reddy 

prof Nageswar 


all these 5 seniors work at individual capacity for Jagan!  They create a lot of impact on neutral voters.


Especially journalist dairy sathish.. By birth he is against to tdp and cbn.. No doubt all above mentioned still working at their best to impact neutral vote bank.. Moreover all of them worked with out money(except sai).. 


Chivara ki ambati rayudi ni cricket world cup select cheyyakapovataniki reason cbn tdp and kamma.. Such a mindless illusion. Msk prasad and cbn kalisi ekkaddo hyd ki aaduthunna rayudu ni thokkkesaru అన్నట్లు.. Video chesadu venu Gopal rao ane cricketer.. Daniki erri sainiks and vunmada batch same propaganda chesaru.. 


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10 minutes ago, Venkatpaladugu said:


Wow...... looks like Pawan and Jagan played the game very well to corner TDP in caste angle. KCR and BJP gave all support possible from backend. 

inkaaa konta blind folks untaaaru..... they still believe BJP does good! God bless them!

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