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NT Rama Rao is seen with Padmini in Sampoorna Ramayanam.(Express archi

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NT Rama Rao is seen with Padmini in Sampoorna Ramayanam.(Express archive)

This is the best ever movie of Anna NTR as Rama and no one can ever surpass in future. Jealousy has made the Telugu and Hindi versions of this removed from internet and for other public Viewing in theaters. 

It was not the Tamil who did remove this from internet and for other public Viewing in theaters but it was the Telugu and Hindi movie makers Jealousy that got them removed. And in Tamil Sivaji Ganeshan who had a small role as Bharata was highlighted in advertisements as shown below.

The director Bapu got it removed when he made the Sampoorna Ramayanam with Shoban Babu in Telugu and the Hindi belt as soon as it was released. I think Anna NTR realized that the Hindi belt people were very jealous and so he stopped venturing into Hindi belt.

Anna NTR had many such defeats in life on his film path as well, but was strong and bold. He realized as he grew older that the Hindi belt and other people looked down upon the Telugu people down (as they were the largest in population after the Hindi belt) and that is when he established the TDP.

At 24.45 minutes NTR as Rama and Padmini as Sita appear and after which it is 3 hours of Awesomeness!








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