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2 cent actress & devious game-with guidance(of actor(s)/politician(s))

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After Anna Garu it was BalaKrishna Garu whose prominence is as big as Anna NTR and so with that came the politics from Telugu film and Telugu politics.

NTR Jr is the next in legacy of Anna NTR whose prominence is as big as Anna NTR and so with that comes the politics from Telugu film and Telugu politics.

A 2 cent actress under somebodies guidance (of actor(s) or politician(s)) made sure NTR Jr & his fans were de credited before the release of RRR. It was a political/strategic move from some of actor(s) or politician(s).

For our fans of Nandamuri records this is defamation of NTR Jr and his fans and is worth fighting out if she is continuing her tirade. 


Shamelessly this women Tweets To Jr NTR as given in above article:

@tarak9999 i didnt kno that ill be called a bitch, whore and a pornstar, just bcoz i like @urstrulyMahesh more then you. And your fans will send my parents such wishes. Do u feel successful with such a fan following? And i hope u dont ignore my tweet!! https://t.co/dsoRg0awQl

— meera chopra (@MeerraChopra) June 2, 2020

Hello fair skinned Chopra, South Indian black and brown lives matter too.

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