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NTR Garu.

  1. RTC ni independent organization ga chesi complexes every town lo undali ani reform sesina vyakti.
  2. Market Yards build sesina CM
  3. Gurukul Schools for tribals, BCs ki start sesina first CM
  4. APRJC ni start sesi rural youth ki free education ichina CM.
  5. Teachers ki Salaries penchina first CM
  6. Liquor Probation sesi maata meeda nilabadina First CM
  7. 1 HP motor ki 50 Rs electricity bill only ani start chesina CM
  8. Equal rights for women in properties chesina first CM
  9. Handir Neeva, Telugu Ganga Starts chesina first CM
  10. 2 Rs KG Rice ichina CM
  11. Entho mandi poor peoples ki 5 lac pakka houses ani start sesi fiver years lo built chesi ichina CM
  12. feudal system ga unna Munsab-Karanam system, Patel-Patwari systems ni abolish chesi Mandals create chesina CM (reason brahmins hate TDP)
  13. TTD ni complete reform sesina only CM
  14. Telugu Film Industry Hyderabad lo undali ani pattu batti Hyd lo studios anni vochela hard work sesina CM.
  15. EAMCET ni start chesina first CM
  16. most loss making govt. industries ni privatize sesina CM (alwynn sold to M&M)
  17. Reduced Govt. employees retirement age to 55 from 58. (reason govt. employees hate TDP).
  18. banned Govt school teachers having participation in private schools, tuition centers etc. NTR is the only CM that did not XXXX to strike by teachers. He used NGO association to run exams and teaching when govt. teachers are in strike. (reason all teachers hate TDP)
  19. Vizag Steel Plant kosam lobby sesi all facilities ichi establish ayyela pani sesina CM.

inka chaala chesadu. enni chesina mana telugu vallu ane chesadu. Anduke Legend ga maaradu. NTR gariki vari jayanti sandarbham ga subhakankshalu.



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