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3 minutes ago, HulK* said:


anni kulaallonu VP's untaaru you should ignore rather incubate

I can post 1000 such shitty videos from other religions and call out names 

100% agreed. Migatha religions lo inthakante darunamga kuda vunnaru. But ilantive highlight avutayi. Ee so called Swamiji’s chese athi bharinchalekapotunnam. Ilanti panulatho  Sontha religion ni nasanam chese daka nidraporu. Manaki vunnadu ga vizag lo okadu. Asalu sisalu broker gadu.

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2 hours ago, rajanani said:
From Twitter 
Now, just imagine the fate of India if the sangh and sadhus were given control of India immediately after 1947


Who is this guy first of all ? How is he related to Sangh ? Kashayam vesina prtiokkadu swamiji aipotada? Aipoinodu prati okkadu Sangh ki relate avutada? 

Idela undi ante pachha chokka vesukunnanu antha maa party vade annattu undi. 

Btw i can surely say if Sangh was handled over india after 1947 india would have been surely better than what it is now. 

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