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freebies side effects in telangana

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44 minutes ago, ravindras said:

honestly. public does not give a single second of thought on state economy or even future generations sustainability with debts. YSR gaadu alavatu sesadu. So CBN inka Money migalchali, state revenue inka penchali (i mean he should not increase any type of tax) lanti thoughts maanesi welfare, free gifts schemes continue seyyali. so far CBN doing good. his only weakness is no effort to form corporation to give loans to poor people in upper castes. 

Inka veelu ayithe current charges, water taxes etc. thagginchali CBN next term lo...upto 500 Units varaku single slab petti unit charge 5 Rs pettali (Currently 6 to 9 Rs undi)....lot of middle class will definetely stick to TDP if he does decrease taxes. he should promise this in next election. it will be super hit promise with middle class.....borrow if needed. nobody gives any shiit to state economy health anymore.

Jagan gaadu lots of promises sesthu pothunnadu paadayathra lo. already pension 2000 Rs ani promise sesadu. dwacra ladies ki loan waiver in form of giving direct cash transfer...every auto driver gets 15000 Rs of one time payment etc. ichesadu promises. :wall:

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