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పవన్ గారు… ఓ సారి ఇది చదవండి, నివ్వెరపోతారు.

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very dangerous people surrounded PK and taking advantage of his quarter knowledge....


eedi kosam, Franklin templeton ni oka international scamster gadito polchadu ante enta agnanamo....

Thota chandrasekhar Maharastra scamster and many allegations...Anyone that knows about him stays away from him.....there are many victims of his real estate


There comes a day, where PK has to fight with these crooked fellows that surrounded and misleading him...

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cycle annai, e fakest gaadu international research world lo oka pedda sensation....

vammo eedi kosam chana mandi etukutunnaru...


vaadi degree claims fake ani cheptunaru but telidu nijam manaki so not going on that but full teda....vaadi business e fake cheyyatam ani reserachers netti noru badukuntunaru forums lo.....



 researhgate or any world top forums lo they have very harsh comments......researchers around world are blackmailed and threatened by fakestar!!!! 


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