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Singer Nikhita Srivalli tastes fame with ‘Yeda Poyinado’

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Early success

October 12, 2018 12:46 IST
Updated: October 12, 2018 12:46 IST
Nikhita Srivalli

Nikhita Srivalli  


Singer Nikhita Srivalli tastes fame with ‘Yeda Poyinado’

Nikhita Srivalli might have sung around four songs a couple of years back but it is Yeda Poyinado written by Ramajogaiah Sastry for Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava that bought this 26-year-old Telugu girl into the spotlight. It is indeed a big break for the Vizag-born Nikhita who began singing when she was six years old, by watching television. She recollects she had stood first in a music competition held in Visakhapatnam, “I was the only youngster amongst the competitors. My mother trained me then. I am now a MA gold medallist in music and currently doing Ph.D. I have been balancing academics and music career well, never missed the classes and always fared well in studies. My great-grandfather was a music teacher and five generations later I am the only one in the family to take up singing. I stood second in Super Singer 8, a talent hunt held by a television channel and here I am, the world knows me now.”

Nikhita is a multi-tasker, her day begins with taking classes at home as early as 5.30 am and ends at around10.30 pm. The Carnatic vocalist is also working as an assistant professor in Shankar Mahadevan Academy. Ask her to describe her voice and what people think of it, she quickly responds, “My voice is crispy, base and bold and is unique, people say. Not many can imitate this voice. I was a playback singer for a Kannada and Telugu films, most of them inconsequential. Music director Taman was hunting for a base voice and I was asked to send a sample voice. Then I was summoned and I sang Yeda Poyinado. They told me how intense the scene would be and I was asked to carry the sad feeling, a particular tone he wanted.”

Speaking of the experience, she says, “I am not an ambitious person and I knew some day I would make my debut in film music but didn’t know it would be this way. Yeda Poyinado has already become a huge hit and the response has been overwhelming. Taman complimented me by saying this song cannot be used as a cover song like other film numbers that are sung by many people.”

Nikitha is not particular about what she eats; in fact she eats everything, even ice cream, to ensure she develop resistance to all kinds of food.

Her goal is to set up a music school and provide training in Carnatic and film music, instrumental etc, but she has no qualms continuing as a professor in a music college or a university. What is the right age for a child to train in vocals? Nikhita is firm in her reply, “A child should begin training when six years old, I hear many children starting as early as four but I think parents should wait. Kuduruga koorchovali kadha and they don’t understand what they are singing.”

Nikhithagives all her credit for her success to her music teacher Mutnuri Jalajakshi, a Carnatic vocalist who is now 70 years old.

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