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1st all woman SWAT Team

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Today, #India gets 1st Women #SWAT force. The team of 36 women commandos from #Northeast India are all set to combat situations that pose an extreme threat to security in our #Nation.

They're also trained in 'Krav Maga' martial arts which is developed by Israel Army. 

13 are from Assam
5 from Arunachal Pradesh
5 from Sikkim
5 from Manipur
4 from Meghalaya
2 from Nagaland
1 from Mizoram
1 from Tripura.



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1 hour ago, AnnaGaru said:


New all-female Swat team to protect Indian prime minister after intensive training in martial arts


female swat team aa...:HeadScratch: No disrespect to women...they are worth being part of SWAT team. Bt, don't understand the reason to replace men team with women team to stand behind Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

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