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kondaveedu fort ghat &ISCON&temples progress

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Pushapam's actions: I am not talking whether they are good or bad but hinduvadulam ane gujju galla natakalu chupistunna

jerusalem trips,conversion law ban



AP state:

Now coming to CBN Hindu sanathana dharmam ki chesina vi chuddam
Kani durmargam entante vijayawada lo akramana recent ga kattina roadside small akramana gullu teeste danni donga pushpalu &jaffas morph chesi mari vesaru.Fact is same road lo masjid(yes,I can give proofs) lu leparu ane vihayam kappettaru...

Anyway now let's see at few what CBN has done for "Sanathana dharmam" without much talk along with other religious respect

- Free Hindu Pilgrimage program for old
- Ontimetta development

- Annavaram temple eco tourism park
- Tirupati maintaince at best and no chance for fake ticket selling(decoit time peaks),scams..neatness chala improve ayyindi,no bribe for extra laddus,no bribe for cottages

- New Iscon temple project alocation and good progress by them at Kondaveedu
- Kondaveedu fort project development completion and great work and opening soon

- New TTD temple at Vykuntapuram

- Ananthavaram Venkanna swami temple

- Aksharadham temple at vizag also seems on track with plans getting ready

- Now ISCON taking ANna canteens to fullscale from trail success

- Temple restoration at best in Andhra.....Ask Manikylarao and he will tell this even Today

- Druga gudi,dwaraka tirumala temple development






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