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This is What Makes Chandrababu Unique

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1526629307-186.jpgPraise him or criticize him, but one has to admit the fact that Chandrababu Naidu is one of the most hard-working chief ministers of India today. At 68, Naidu puts himself to a lot of physical and mental strain. Besides being a good administrator, Naidu is also the trouble-shooter who is very good at disaster management. Below are a few incidents which demonstrated Naidu's dedication and commitment.

The boat tragedy in Manturu of Devipatnam is another such example that illustrates Naidu's disaster management skill. CM Chandrababu not just personally visited and monitored the operations of NDRF (National Disaster Response Force), he made sure the works are done at fast pace. Yes, it was a tragedy which claimed many lives, but Naidu's efforts to reach out to a very distant location in Devipatnam of East Godavari district deserves a pat on his back. A CM need not personally visit the site. But Naidu did it. He has instructed officials for swift measures and even announced 10 Lakh ex-gratia to each deceased member's family. No doubt, this can't bring back one life, but at least this could help the bereaved families to an extent when they lost their family member. But in the whole incident, Naidu's dedication towards people is what makes him a different CM from the rest of the Chief Ministers today.

Even the Dachepalli incident shown Naidu's commitment against crimes on women, children. He not just ensured a swift inquiry, but deployed so many forces to resolve the case. He personally visited victim, her family and assured all sort of aid. Chandrababu promised the parents of 9-yr-old rape victim that he would personally sponsor her education throughout from his own earnings. Be it in Kathua or Unnao which saw a national outrage, none of the CMs of the respective states did try to meet victim or victim's family. Whereas, Chandrababu is a committed leader who did it. He even participated in an awareness rally sending strong signals to men who would involve in assaults against women, children.

When massive cyclone Hudhud had hit Vizag in 2014, the port city was left battered and bruised which cause huge financial loss besides loss of lives. Risking his life, CM Naidu rushed to Vizag, stayed there in a bus and saw to it the relief measures are taken. In record time, he got the city back on its feet. CBN turned Vizag into one of the cleanest cities in India in just a year.

No doubt, Naidu government has its own shortcomings and mired in a lot of issues. But one must admit that Chandrababu is a hard-working CM. The best part of him is that he never gives scope to his opposition parties to take on him and he makes sure the work is done even before Opposition parties respond. In that way, Naidu is making opposition leaders jobless.

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