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Vizag job openings by XEROX/CONDUENT development center

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2004 CBN office leave chesina taruvata malli taruvata vachina genuine pedda software company....


By the way ippudu unna INS kasura,ropeway,hsbc,kenexa-IBM,satyam,wipro,softpro,softsol,miracle,Symbiosys anni 2004 mundu CBN techinave........beach road tankbund kind of statues,pharm city(highest employment in Vizag),gangavaram port,bhimili road,APTDC rushikond haritha anni CBN chesinave....2004 lo agipoyina development later prati edava gadu(builders kooda) IT companyines ani cheppi mottam hill lands dobbesaru...50,000 acres on Vizag north cgone to private hands from 2004-09 and now Vizag north has no land left except Kapuluppada(that also CBN got it back from court) explains the loot after 04...

Look at the job posts and below is highlighted in all of their openings:jackson:

Preferences - 

  • Candidates from Vizag(Vishakapatnam) will be preferred
  • Immediate to 1 month notice period is preferred

malli ennallaki FORTUNE 500 company opening chustunte  brahmi-dance.gif


There are SEnior manager level openings also on other sites for Vizag...


https://jobs.conduent.com/search-jobs/Andhra Pradesh?orgIds=13016&alp=1269750-1278629&alt=3





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Congress time lo Viag nunchi vellipoyina suterland malli tevataniki LOkesh trying... :jackson:It seems promising....


2004 cbn last lo Oracle wanted their Oracle Training campus between Rushikonda hills....same lsnd ni DECOIT varu subbreddy ki zero karchu karchu lekunda dabbulu kattakunda Vuda cheti rasiste vadu subbaram ga 250 crores pofit ki ammukunnadu....a debbaki Oracle vadu atu vypu chudatam kooda manesadu....


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