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Village adoption.....NFDB

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brothers why cant we adopt a village through NFDB

I'm planning to execute it.. My village Ryali, Atreyapuram mandal, East Godavari district

Ryali being a pilgrim centre of Sri Jagan Mohini Kesava Swamy (Swayambhu) ( Front view Purusha roopam back view Stree rupam)

After Varanasi Ryali is the only village of gods Shiva & Narayana whose temples are quite opposite to each other

for this initiative on behalf of NFDB on the eve of Sankranthi 2016 my first initiative is to promote this famous temple to the public via internet ie., i am launching a website portal on the first phase.


second initiative ga Swach Bharath ni execute cheddam.


Will be providing details in full very soon.



With Love



reference: http://eastgodavari.nic.in/temples/Ryali.aspx


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Adoption kakapoina at least basic facilities andelachuddam ani. Example the village is very pathetic and being properly sanatised etc., manam awareness teskochi swach bharath lantivi implement cheyyiddam. Andaru ranavasaram ledhu nenu vellinapudu alla Il have them impacted. Emaina funds for good cause kavalante we all will discuss and donate

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