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subbu pharma

Savee a friend-update

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Ipuday me,vizag ntr,munna ntr velli sikkolntr friend ni hospital lo kalisi vachamu.

Name: reddy surya prakash

place: narsanna pet

prob : bone cancer

hospital ki velli surya prakash to matladamu,main treatment basavatarakam cancer hospital lo chesaru one lakh above spent chesaru.further treatment vizag lo mahatma cancer research hospital lo tesukuntunadu.today one chemo therapy running idi kaka inka 4 chemo therapies tesukovali.after treat maent scan chesi further ga proceed autaru.

Each chemotherapy ki 25k autundi.

Basavatarakam hospital bill and treatment photo tesamu munna ntr upload chestadu e thread lo

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Bill for Kemotherpahy(2nd kemo) taken on 28th Sep It costed around 15K..this time dosage of kemo was less than first time as Patient was sick




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US donar's PM cheyandi I will provide you my BOFA details . So,that we can save the transaction fee


Motham 50K rupees collect cheyali soo around 900$ ithe good 


Donation link edhi http://www.nandamurifans.com/forum/index.php?/donate/goal-22-surya-prakash-helpinghand/




For more details about the patient and bills 






Donation Amount transfered to my BOFA account :


Adi43                               ---  Sai Aditya                                             --- 11 $

Teju                                 --- Teja Vunnam                                         --- 50 $

Nataratna                        ----  Radha Nallamala                            --------75$

Ramarajyam                    ----- Bobba Sundeep                              -------50$

Prudhvi                           ------ Prudhvi Veermachineni              ----------100$

Passport                         ------ Revanth Nimmagadda            --------------30$

kodi Nandamuri              ------  Varun Kode                            --------------45$

chsrk                              -------   Siva rama krishna Chalasani    -----------25$

SPK                                -------   Sajja Pavan                             ------------75$

??                                   --------  Suresh                                     ------------100$

Tiger444                          ---------  Srinivas Vinod                          -------------- 500 Rupees 


Indian Donor's  transfer to this account


ACC NO: 01361610032754

Branch: HDFC , Chennai ASHOK NAGAR..


Those who transfer money, please leave  a personal message...to 


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