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Found 1 result

  1. Davos trips helped CBN to share his dream with world leads.....To know background, there is years of effort from CBN (see next post Davos video) into this project to help Andhra farmers and new revolution in Farming...CBN offline worked on this project and had multiple follow ups with United Nations. Till Today many politicians and organizations talked of "natural farming" but CBN making it reality with UN&world leaders support. See below video for CBN proposal and requesting world leaders to support this project...Today those leaders(BNP paribas came forward to sponsor) are convinced and taking it forward. Today the United Nations Lead along with sponsors BNP Paribas bank came to Amaravati to give their final go ahead for CBN proposal project CBN gave the presentation to world leaders(UN&world philanthropists) in Davos trip and it is becoming reality https://group.bnpparibas/en/news/bnp-paribas-joins-sustainable-project-budget-natural-farming-india By the way if any one don't know Andhra is the only state UN partnered in multiple projects(Vizag summit last year for digital gaming project backed by UN, Sustainable development Business university backed by UN...For that university Center is creating hurdles and NITI became blocker) https://www.unenvironment.org/people/erik-solheim